Hey Guys!

hey guys! I miss y’all so much. I’ve been so busy with school I have not had time to post! Comment down below what I’ve missed. Also, I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but should I change to Christmas yet?

I don’t think I can post any other time this week cause we are leaving for Thanksgiving. I should post next week. Love you all and have a good thanksgiving. Comment down below where you are going for thanksgiving. Xoxo~😘



My Followers

This is a shout out to all my followers!



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Thank you all so much for all you’ve done! You an amazing part of the Supermodel Family! Love having you as followers!


Supermodel Games!

Hey Everyone! I’m starting… Supermodel Games! If you want to join, please do the following.

  1. Comment, I love supermodel games! (This will get you in)
  2. Follow my blog
  3. Like this post
  4. Reblog this post
  5. Be a good team member
  6. Have fun!

So I will split everyone who joins into 3 groups and each team will have challenges. There will be 2 supermodels, who are kinda of like the leader for each team.  Those 2 will make sure your team is doing well. If someone who got a Supermodel role doesn’t want to be a supermodel, contact me at fantagesupermodel@gmail.com, and someone else on your team will be chosen. (Supermodels chosen random!)

Note: You have 24 hours to join. Teams will be posted in 24 hours.

Can’t wait for you to join! Have fun!


I’m Back!

Hey everyone! I’m back! It has been too long! I haven’ posted since June I think! I have so much to catch up! Okay, I’m about to ask some questions and leave the answers below in the comments, okay?

  1. How is everybody?
  2. How many people have updated their blog to fall?
  3. Did you miss me?

Anything else I should know? Leave it in the comments!

Love ya!